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Coast Guard Honorary Awards Program


An honorary award is non-monetary and recognizes and an individual or group achievement worthy of recognition. Honorary award recipients are often presented with a certificate, plaque, crystal device or lapel pin. Honorary awards may be granted along with a performance awards or Quality Step Increase. At a minimum, honorary awards must be approved through the nominee's supervisory chain of command and depending on the type of award, may require approval by the Commandant. Nominations for most Coast Guard honorary awards may be submitted at anytime. Below is a list of Coast Guard honorary awards available:

  • Commandant's Superior Achievement Award
  • Commandant's Distinguished Career Service Award*
  • Civilian Employee of the Year** - See References Section on left for guidance
  • Civilian Service Commendation Medal
  • Certificate of Appreciation    
  • Official Letter of Commendation

 * Designated for presentation to civilian employees upon retirement.

** Solicitation for the award occurs one a year

Coast Guard civilian employees are also eligible for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary's Awards which are also granted by DHS to employees throughout the Department. Specific eligibility criteria and nomination procedures for both the Coast Guard and DHS Secretary's honorary awards can be found in COMDTINST M12451.1C, the Coast Guard Civilian Awards Manual.

Note: With the establishment of the Civilian Service Commendation Medal, the Commander's Award for Civilian Service and the Commander's Award for Sustained Excellence in Service are hereby cancelled.