Logistics Requirements (LOGREQs)

Location: Coast Guard Industrial Building, Room 110


Monday through Friday: 0700-1530


Logistics Requirements are officially transmitted via the C2OIX website. Appropriate linkage is found at the bottom of this Base New Orleans LOGREQs Portal Site.

Cutters expecting to moor at Base New Orleans should notify Port Services of their intent as soon as practical.  Arriving cutters should submit a LOGREQ message not less than 7 days in advance of arrival.  The LOGREQ should be addressed to:
The visiting cutter should receive a LOGREQ reply no later than 48 hours prior to requested arrival.  If a LOGREQ reply is not received, call Base New Orleans LOGREQ Officer or the OOD.

In order to provide the highest quality of service to visiting United States Coast Guard Cutters, this sub-department is determined to provide resources and guidance on local vendors.  These services include, but are not limited to; provision of Pilots (for navigation and port docking), tugboat services, garbage disposal, black water disposal, bilge pumping services, and fuel and oil services.


Contact Information:

Desk: (504) 253 - 4725
Duty: (504) 628-5148