Mail Room

Location: Coast Guard Building, Mail Room, Room 136

Hours: Monday – Friday: 0800 – 1600

All Official mail needs to be delivered to the attendant in the Mail Room.
Note: All FedEx Shipments must be submitted during these hours. Registered and Certified mail must be HAND delivered to the mail room attendant. ALL mail must have a return address before deposited in mail box or it will not be mailed.

No items will be available for purchase in the Mail Room.

Outgoing Mail Procedures:

In order to conform to USPS rules, envelopes and boxes must be addressed a certain way. A properly addressed package consists of two parts, a return address and a mailing address.

Mail MUST be stamped or labeled with the correct addresses, handwritten packages will not be accepted.

Return Address:

Your Name
Your Current Address
City, State, Zip Code

Mailing Address:

Information Line – Unit name 
Recipient Line – ATTN: Someone
Delivery Address Line – Unit Address from the Standard Distribution List
Last Line – City, State, Zip Code
Nothing goes below the Zip Code

Official USPS Mail:
Certified mail may be hand delivered to the attendant and will be mailed on a Tuesday or Thursday interval.


FedEx Official Mail:

  1. Fill out FedEx Request Form and e-mail to the point of contact attendant.
  2. Upon receipt of the request, the attendant will fill out the necessary paperwork and e-mail back a label to be printed out and placed on the package.
  3. It is the responsibility of the sender to package the item intended to be shipped. FedEx supplies are available at the drop box outside of the Facilities Engineering Building or in the Mail Room.
  4. Once the package is assembled, the sender shall hand deliver package to Terry Christoffer in the Warehouse (Facilities Engineering Building). These packages will be shipped after 3 p.m.


Personal Mail:

After Personal Mail has been properly labeled and stamped, the sender may place the letter either in the drop-box outside of the Mail Room or hand deliver the mail to the attendant. If the sender requires additional shipping assistance with Personal Mail, the sender may visit a local USPS provider. 

FedEx Personal Mail:

  1. The sender is responsible for all fees associated with the sending and delivering of packages. Information and payment may be processed on the FedEx website.
  2. After properly packaging and labeling has been done, packages may be hand delivered to Terry Christoffer in the Warehouse of if afterhours, may be placed in the FedEx box located in front of the Facilities Engineering Building.


Pick-up Times:

FedEx Official Mail: After 3 p.m.
FedEx Personal Mail (in FedEx box): Between 1000-1100


After hours Procedures:

If dropping of a USPS letter, the letter may be left in the drop-box near the door of the Mail Room.

Please call the Officer of the Day if mail needs to be picked up from the Mail Room. The Department mailbox key is required to obtain mail.

When there is a package that cannot fit into the Department mailbox, the attendant will contact the recipient via e-mail. A signature is requested for pick-up at the Mail Room.


Contact Information
Mr. Wayne Jackson
(504) 253-4599

Emergencies After Hours:
(504) 628-5148

Applicable Links:

FedEx Request Form
United States Postal Office