Active Duty Medical Appointments

Location: Coast Guard Building, Clinic

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday: 0700- 1530

Friday: 0700 - 1130*

*(Please note that the clinic is closed for appointments every Friday's beginning at 1130 for Training and Medical Administration time)

Duty HS onboard M-F: 1600-1800

The Clinic is closed daily from 1130-1230 for lunch.

Appointment Request Line: (504) 253-4671


Anyone needing a medical or dental appointment must call our appointment line (504-253-4671).

  • We do not have a walk-in sick-call.
  • All members needing an appointment must call the clinic first.
  • All calls will be triaged and then it will be decided where and when the patient will be seen. Depending on the condition some appointments may be scheduled for the next day.
  • The clinic will start taking calls at 0645; about 15 minutes before we open our doors for service. This will ensure members still have time to drive to the Base.
  • If the member is given an appointment at Base NOLA, they will need to arrive 20 minutes early for their appointment. If a member arrives late, the clinic has the right to reschedule that appointment.
  • It’s important to remember that Coast Guard members MUST call the clinic to get assigned a same day appointment.

Urgent Care/Emergency Room Visits

  • If for some reason when you call Base New Orleans Medical and we cannot see you here in this facility, we may refer you to an outside Urgent care or Emergency room. If a member is informed by an HS to go to an Urgent Care facility.
  • The HS will take the administrative steps necessary to ensure TRICARE is notified that the visit to the urgent care center is authorized.
  • The duty status of the member will be per the Physician at the urgent care center. Commands are reminded that even our CG medical facility provides only recommendations for duty status. It is ultimately the commands responsibility to determine the duty status of their member. If a member goes to the urgent care center and is advised by the physician to take the day off, it remains the responsibility of the member to provide that recommendation to their command, just as it is with our CG facility. To maintain efficient patient flow, members seen at an urgent care center do not need to be seen and given a “CG” duty status chit, unless requested by the member’s parent command.
  • Members are reminded that any threat to life, limb, or sight is an emergency and does not require prior authorization from the clinic. You must contact the duty HS as soon as possible to inform them of this emergency visit.