Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Program

Location: Coast Guard Building, Personnel Support Department, Room 143

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday:  0800 - 1530

For after hours assistance, please contact the Officer of the Day.

Unit representatives need to ensure all applications and forms are completed, provide favorable command endorsement, attach a copy of the member’s Leave and Earning Statement, and supporting documentation, prior to forwarding to Personnel.

If you are interested in applying for CGMA Programs, please read about the process here, prior to applying. Applicable forms and other documentation are provided on this website by CGMA.

The following is a general description of programs of CGMA. Each application is reviewed on its own merits so this overview does not guarantee that a loan or grant will be extended.

Emergency: The purpose of this program is to provide financial assistance to members caught in emergency situations beyond their control. Emergency loans are generally authorized only in circumstances that would impose a serious financial or personal hardship on the applicant unless immediate assistance was granted to relieve the situation. Some examples, which might qualify:

  • Basic maintenance (sudden financial loss which prevents person from maintaining their previous standard of living)
  • Members stranded while traveling
  • Transportation in time of illness
  • Travel assistance for family members
  • Pay/Allotment problems (where there is a pay error and “off-line” payment will not resolve the situation)

General: The purpose of this program is to help members who have financial needs not covered by other CGMA programs, which may not be an emergency, but are based on an unexpected event causing a serious financial burden. Some examples may include:

  • Funeral expenses (immediate family member)
  • Travel
  • Adoption assistance (must qualify under the CG program)
  • Car repairs
  • Household goods (when unable to ship from one duty location to another)
  • Family in-home child care (initial fee for liability insurance for CG certification)
  • Vocational and Technical training
  • Use of Tuition Assistance funds are not available

Educational Assistance:
The education programs are listed below. For a complete description of these programs go directly to the CGMA website.

  • Education Grant Program (need based for dependents)
  • Supplemental Educational Grant Program (formerly Active Duty Supplemental Education Grant Program which is a grant program for reimbursement of books and fees purchased for persons enrolled in their first undergraduate degree program or a Vocational or Technical Training certificate program.)
  • Admiral Roland Student Loan (Federal Stafford Loans … subsidized or unsubsidized and Federal parent Loans for Undergraduate Students.)
  • Supplemental Student Loan (supplements tuition assistance when need still exists)
  • Vocational and Technical Training Student Loan Program (for non-college courses where a demonstrated financial need exists.)

Housing: Purchasing or rental assistance

  • Purchasing Assistance: closing costs, loan origination fees, appraisal fees, attorney fees, title insurance, survey, and pre-paids (not down payment)
  • Rental Assistance: Security and other deposits for electricity, gas, water, sewer, and telephone, as well as real estate brokerage fees.

Medical: When a provider demands prepayment for services or the cost of providing necessary medical and dental treatment places a financial hardship on one of our members, they may apply for a CGMA loan. This does not apply to elective surgery or experimental medical care.

Debt management: This program is managed in conjunction with Consumer credit counseling Service, where all applicants are initially referred to develop a financial management plan. This is not a debt consolidation program.

Additional/Pay Off Payment:

Mail additional/pay off payments to:

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance
1005 N. Glebe Road
Suite 220
Arlington, VA 22201

Contact Information:

Mutual Assistance Representative:  Work: (504) 253-4797

Assistant Representative: Work: (504) 253-4810

Officer of the Day: (504) 329-1969


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