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Performance Related Compensation

A Performance Cash award is a one-time cash payment given at the end of the rating cycle to an employee to recognize noteworthy performance rated as, at a minimum, “Meets” under the Excellence, Achievement and Recognition System (EARS) or “Achieved Expectations” under the Department of Homeland Security/ Performance Management Program (DHS/PMP). A Performance Cash Award is also a vehicle for enhancing morale and improving productivity as an employee learns that new ideas are welcome and high quality performance is being rewarded. Employees may be given the option of a Time-off award instead of a performance cash award. An employee must be on an approved performance plan on the last day of the rating cycle, including a delayed rating to be eligible for a Performance Cash Award. Factors to consider regarding performance awards are:

  • An employee must be in a pay status for at least 90 days within the current rating cycle to be eligible.
  • An employee is ineligible for a Performance Award if the performance was rated “Fails to Meet” or “Unacceptable.”
  • The Performance Incentive Pay Official (PIPO) serves as the final approval authority for all Performance Cash Awards, typically the highest ranking command official, e.g., commanding officers of headquarters units, assistant commandants, etc.

More information about Performance-Related compensation can be found in Chapter 4 of COMDTINST M12430.6B, Excellence, Achievement, and Recognition System (EARS).