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Federal Employee Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) 

The Federal Employee Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) is available to eligible civilian employees and their eligible family members, as well as to civilian retirees and their survivors. Employees can choose from self only, self plus one and family coverage. Eligible family members include spouses and children under the age of 22. Children incapable of self support may continue to be covered after age 22.

FEDVIP offers five dental plans and three vision plans. Employees have the option of selecting a dental and/or vision plan. Enrollment in the Federal Employees Health Benefit (FEHB) Program is not required to be covered under a dental and/or vision plan.

  • New employees have 60 days from their date of hire to elect FEDVIP coverage. Enrollment opportunities outside of this initial 60 day window are limited to Open Seasons, or must be tied to a qualifying life event (QLE).
  • Coverage is effective the pay period following enrollment.
  • Premium conversion allows premiums for FEDVIP coverage to be made on a pre-tax basis, which means that premiums are withheld before Federal taxes, Social Security, Medicare and most state taxes are computed.
    • Employees are automatically enrolled in premium conversion when they enroll in an FEDVIP plan.
    • Employees may not opt out of premium conversion for FEDVIP. If employees do not wish to have premium conversion for FEDVIP, they should not enroll.
  • New employees and employees selecting plans during an Open Season should always visit the actual plan website prior to making a selection. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) offers a website that provides basic plan information and links to plan websites.
  • Open Season elections must be submitted through BENEFEDS.