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Office of Work-Life Programs : Transition Assistance Program (TAP) DOL Employment Workshop

A mandatory and comprehensive three-day curriculum that covers emerging best practices in career development. The workshop is engaging and relevant in light of the unique challenges facing transitioning Service members. Service members receive vital skills in this DOL led-workshop, including learning interview skills, building effective resumes, and using emerging technology to network and search for employment. Some service members may be exempt from the 3-day DOL Employment Workshop (DOLEW) portion of the 5 day TAP workshop:

  1. The following are the only exemptions to eligible Service member participation in the DOLEW portion of the Transition GPS Core Curriculum:
  2. Eligible Service members retiring after 20 or more years of active federal service in the Military Services.
  3. Eligible Service members who, after serving their first 180 continuous days or more on active duty, meet at least one of the following criteria:
    1. Able to provide documented evidence of civilian employment.
    2.  Able to provide documented acceptance into an accredited career technical training, undergraduate, or graduate degree program.
    3. Have specialized skills and, due to unavoidable circumstances, are needed to support a unit scheduled to be deployed within 60 days. The first commander in the eligible Service member’s chain of command with authority pursuant to chapter 47 of Title 10 U. S. Code (also known as and referred to in this DTM as the “Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)”) must certify on the DD Form 2958, “Service Member Career Readiness Standards/Individual Transition Plan Checklist,” any such request for exemption from the DOLEW. A make-up plan must accompany the postponement certification.
    4. Are eligible recovering Service members imminently transitioning from active duty who are enrolled in the Education and Employment Initiative, or a similar transition program designed to secure employment, further education, or technical training post-separation, in accordance with the policy established in the DoD/Department of Veterans Affairs Wounded, Ill, and Injured Senior Oversight Committee Memorandum (Reference (e)).
  4. TAP staff will document on the DD Form 2958 the decision of eligible Service members who qualify for an exemption and elect not to participate in the DOLEW.
  5. Eligible RC Service members who have previously participated in the DOLEW may request an exemption.
  6. Eligible Service members who qualify for an exemption may still elect to participate in the DOLEW.