Welcome to Base Miami Beach

“The Tip of the Spear in Mission Support”

Base Miami Beach Command Cadre
Commanding Officer - Roger Omenhiser
Executive Officer - Commander Joseph Graham
Command Master Chief - OSCM Adowa Hendricks

Base Miami Beach is committed to providing integrated mission support and superior customer service to our stakeholders.

Provide premier services and mission support expertise through innovative process improvement with an unwavering commitment to timely, efficient, and adaptable customer service.

About Us
Base Miami Beach serves as the single DCMS touch point for the support of Coast Guard operations within the 7th Coast Guard District, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our operational partners to ensure the delivery of professional, responsive and cost-effective services to the American public.

Base Miami Beach personnel are co-located with our operational partners through out the D7 AOR with departments and command staff located in Miami-Dade County.

Miami-Dade County locations;

Causeway Island (CI) - located beside MacArthur Causeway in Miami Beach, is home to Base Miami Beach command staff, Base Miami Beach Facilities Engineering Department, portions of the Personnel Support Department including New Retiree Services Help Desk, Comptroller and Base Operations Department, the Clinic Branch, Naval Engineering Department, Electronics Support Detachment and Sector Miami.  CI is 11.5 acres, with approximately 177,425 square feet facilities housing 550 employees.  Personnel-related services available on CI include a clinic, a dining facility, unaccompanied personnel housing, fitness center, squash courts, pool, multi-purpose recreation courts, a CG exchange, and the Gator Den an all hands club serving breakfast and lunch. 

Richmond Heights (RH) - located about 25 miles south of downtown Miami, a 30,000 square feet building that houses the following Base Miami Beach departments: Transportation (Personal Property Shipping Office), Servicing Personnel Office, Housing, and Work-Life.  It also hosts Civil Engineering Unit Miami and CGIS SAIC Southeast Region.

Brickell Plaza Federal Building (BP) - is the headquarters for the Seventh District staff, which also is home to Base Miami Beach’s  Procurement and Contracting Department and C4IT Department.

Base Miami Beach strives to be your service provider of choice. We believe 'word of mouth advertising' - both positive and negative - operates as actively in the government sector as it does anywhere else.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with your comments.

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