Decedent Affairs
Base Miami Beach

The Office of Decedent Affairs is the focal point for coordinating casualty related matters and death of an active duty, reserve member, and dependent in the Coast Guard Seventh District Area of Responsibility (AOR). Decedent Affairs office are managed for Coast Guard Seventh District through the Personnel Service Division at Base Miami Beach. Decedent Affairs Officer (DAO) is responsible for providing the highest level of support to the Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO) and the deceased member’s command. DAO is committed in supporting all casualty cases with dignity and accuracy. Assigned CACO will provide direct assistance to the Primary Next-of-Kin and/or family of the fallen service member with the following to which they may be entitled:

  • Notification Process
  • Funeral and Burial arrangements
  • Transportation of the Remains/Family
  • Military Honors
  • Return of Personal Effects
  • Military compensation and entitlements
  • Survivor Benefits

Any Coast Guard unit within Coast Guard Seventh District’ AOR that receives a notification of a casualty is required to prepare a personnel casualty report in accordance with Section 5.A, Personnel and Pay Procedures Manual, PPCINST M1000.2A. Casualty report must be released within 4 hours after receipt of information of casualty.

Upon receipt information that a member on active duty has died, the Sector Commander in whose jurisdiction the Next-of-Kin resides shall appoint a CACO. The CACO will normally be an officer or senior petty officer attached to a unit nearest the locale of the Next-of-Kin's home. As the representative of the Coast Guard, the CACO shall render such assistance to the Next-of-Kin/family as necessary until interment.

DAO Primary contact number is 786-510-3596.




Forms and Worksheets

Military Funeral Honor

Request for Military Funeral Honor (MFH) and Burial at Sea (BAS) are accepted from family members or someone acting for the family of the deceased Coast Guard, USPHS, or NOAA veteran. Most requests are made by funeral directors. Please contact 786-367-6822 with any questions to request assistance for MFH and BAS.

The core elements of the funeral honors ceremony which will be conducted are:

  • Playing of Taps
  • Flag Folding
  • Flag Presentation

 Email request to