Health, Safety and Work Life Department

In case of emergency, please call 911 for immediate medical or police assistance.

HSWL Regional Manager (786) 412-9186
CG SPRT Available 24/7 Call: 855-CG SUPRT (247-8778),


Transition and Relocation

Mr. Bacon 305-278-6673 or

The Transition/Relocation Manager (TRM) provides "Welcome Packages" with local resource information. If you would like a Welcome Package, contact the TRM. The following services and resources are available within the Relocation Assistance Program:

  • Community Information
  • Demographics Information
  • Relocation Packages
  • State Information

Required Work-Life forms for newly reported personnel:

  • Newly Reported Personnel Intake Questionnaire
  • Needs Assessment Form


Application for Assignment to Military Housing, Form CG 5267 should be completed and submitted to your units housing or Admin office. Work-Life does not process the form.

Additional Relocation Resources:

  • Florida Power and Light (FPL) Reduced Deposit Program: Minimizes deposits for electrical services for military personnel. The Reduced Deposit Program is only available through FPL. Please only submit if FPL is your local power company.
    FPL Process:
  1. Member establishes service with FPL. The account MUST be in the ACTIVE DUTY member’s name. 
  2. The customer service representative will determine the deposit amount based on the member’s credit history and the physical address of the property.
  3. If the deposit is more than $100.00, the member completes the FPL form and emails it to
  4. The Transition & Relocation Manager (TRM) will verify the member then sign the form and email it to FPL for processing.
  5. Then FPL will change the deposit amount to $100.00 in the member’s account
  • D7 Relocation Housing Guide (attachment coming soon)
  • US Coast Guard Sea Legs (attachment coming soon)
  • Relocation resources on the Internet
  • Local Area Information.xls
  • Child Care Subsidy Program 2013 updated 13Nov13 (attachment coming soon)
  • CG SUPRT-PCS Poster (attachment coming soon)
  • Work-Life Brochure 2014 (attachment coming soon)

GPS- Goal, Plans, Success (Formerly Transition Assistance Program- TAP)

GPS Registration Process:
Pre-separation counseling and completion of the DD Form 2648 is mandatory by all separating and retiring Coast Guard personnel and is a prerequisite to Transition GPS. See ALCOAST 383/14 for procedures to complete. This ALCOAST also announced the mandatory requirement for all separating and retiring Coast Guard personnel to participate in Transition GPS.

Transition GPS prepares Service Members (SMs) separating or retiring from the Coast Guard for their transition to civilian life. All eligible SMs are required to complete the standardized components of the GPS. These components are 1) Pre-separation Counseling and 2) the Transition Seminar, encompassing the Transition Goals, Plans, and Success (GPS) core curriculum.

GPS attendance eligibility is:

  • Members within 1 year of separating
  • Members within 2 years of retirement


Transition Resources:



CG SUPPORT Available 24/7 Call: 855-CG SUPRT (247-8778),

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