Personal Property Shipping Office - PPSO
Base Miami Beach

Transportation Officer- Ms. Maxine Wilson-Bacon (305) 216-8037


Once you arrive in the area, contact the PPSO 305-278-6800. If your household goods have already arrived, we will discuss options with you and confirm your delivery address and phone number. If your household goods have not arrived, we will contact you as soon as they do. You will have the option of an immediate delivery or the use of temporary storage until you’re ready for delivery. Our inbound counselor's are split up alphabetically by last name:


  1. Know before hand where you want your large items placed (rugs, sofa, furniture, etc.).
  2. Check off items on your copy of the inventory as they are brought into the house. 
  3. Note damage or loss on the DD1840 (follow instructions on the form). 
  4. Make sure empty cartons and debris are removed. 
  5. Carriers are not required to come back for empty cartons, packaging material even if the driver promises. (Do not waive the unpacking unless you plan on unpacking and hauling away the material) 
  6. Always be courteous to the crew. 
  7. At any time there is a problem that cannot be resolved between you and the crew call our Quality Control Division. 
  8. Please let us know how satisfied you were with the crew and service on the DD1840. 
  9. DIRECT DELIVERY: If you have a residence at destination and want a direct delivery, this office must be able to contact you and make delivery arrangements with the carrier no later than two hours from the time the carrier offers the shipment for delivery. We cannot send a driver to your residence without confirmation that someone is home. 
  10. If you provide contact numbers we will call you anywhere in CONUS to advise you of your shipment arrival. When you call, you can schedule your delivery for a later date or place the shipment in temporary storage for 90 days. 11. From June through August, deliveries from storage can take from five to fifteen days after notice to the carrier. Agent crews and equipment availability are stretched to the maximum, weekend deliveries are sometimes available depending on the agents schedule and capability...