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  • The dental department is billeted by three U.S. Public Health Service dental officers, two Registered Dental Hygienist and three civilian Certified Dental Assistants that assist the dental officers with patient care and procedures.
  • Dental Services are available for active duty personnel.
  • Active duty dental exams are required ANNUALLY and should be completed within 30 days of your birthday month.
  • Dental cleanings are offered daily and are completed every 6 months.
  • All active duty personnel are to report in their uniform of the day. Civilian attire is authorized while on leave status.
  • To schedule an appointment: if you have access to CG Portal, please visit our Portal home page and click on the "Make an Appointment" button.  Otherwise, please call (202) 372-4100 to schedule.


  • 0700-1130 & 1300-1530 Monday-Friday.

Exception of Wednesday afternoons

Clinic is closed for training.



  • Dental Exams are 30 minute appointments
  • Acute care are 30 minute appointments
  • Cleanings are 50 minute appointments
  • Fillings are 60 minute appointments
  • Minor Extractions are 60 minute appointments
  • Root Canal Treatments are 90 minute appointments
  • Night Guards/Oral Appliance are 30 minute appointments
  • Implants/Bridges/Crowns
    • 1st appointment is 30 minutes
    • 2nd appointment is 60 minutes


  • If you are experiencing dental pain after normal hours contact the Duty HS for further assistance (202) 680-3661