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A Patient Centered Wellness Home Model is a team of healthcare providers and support staff who deliver services for total healthcare, surrounding the patient with support to accomplish wellness goals. This healthcare model will include and coordinate the disciplines of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, family support, work-life, and safety, forming the Patient Centered Wellness Home. Each patient is expected to actively participate in developing individualized health and wellness directives and goals with their assigned team.


  • Active Duty Members stationed in the National Capital Area are required to select the Base NCR Clinic as their PCM.
  • Members have the right to change their PCM within the Base NCR Clinic at anytime if other qualified providers are available.
  • The above can be done by filling out an enrollment form. Members can visit the medical front desk and fill out a TRICARE enrollment form or visit


Clinic: (202) 372-4100
Appointments/Front Desk:   Option #1
PHA's: Option #2
Physicals: Option #3
Lab: Option #4
Referrals: Option #5
Pharmacy: Option #6
Administrative PO: Option #7
Clinic Supervisor: Option #8
Clinic Administrator: Option #9
Nurse Hotline: (800) 874-2273, option 1
Duty HS: (202) 680-3661

HSWL Base NCR Clinic Check-In Process

  • All Active Duty Coast Guard personnel assigned to National Capital Region must be enrolled at the HSWL Base NCR Clinic to be eligible for care.
  • Upon arrival to the National Capital Region you will need to update your contact information with TRICARE.
  • For TRICARE change:

HSWL Base NCR Clinic Check-Out Process

**Medical Records will NOT automatically be mailed to your new unit.

Congratulations on your transition from Coast Guard Head Quarters. It has been our pleasure to provide for your quality health care, dental and optometry. We hope that we will have the opportunity to serve you again in the future.

  • At least one week prior to your departure, please notify the Base NCR Clinic front desk to inform us you will be checking out. When notifying the clinic front desk, be sure to include the following information.
    • Copy of orders
    • Mail or Hand carry
    • Name
    • SSN
    • DOB
    • Division assigned to
    • Departure date



If your health record is maintained outside the clinic, please contact your unit’s Health Service Technician or Health Record Custodian to retrieve your record prior to your appointment.

The HSWL Base NCR Clinic is located on LL2 next to the Cape Hatteras elevator in the St. Elizabeth facility. Remember to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment in the proper uniform of the day with your CAC card. If you are on leave you may wear appropriate civilian attire. It is approximately a ten to fifteen minute walk from either the front gate or parking garage to the clinic. Therefore, it is suggested you arrive at the St. Elizabeth's front gate or parking deck 30 minutes prior to your appointment. If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment you WILL be reschedule.

If you work outside St E’s, please allow sufficient time to arrive, go through security, and navigate to the clinic which is on LL2 next to the Cape Hatteras lighthouse elevators. All members that do not have access to the St. Elizabeth’s facility will be required to have your name registered on a facility access list for the date of your appointment. Upon your arrival this list will be checked to verify you have been registered and approved for access to the facility. Failure to notify your appointment scheduler of your need to be registered on the facility access list will delay your entry at the gate and cause you to possibly miss your appointment.

If you or a visitor (spouse, co-worker, etc.) need a visitors pass to attend your appointment please submit at least 48-72 hours prior to your appointment. You may submit by clicking on the below link: 
Visitor Information

We strive to provide the best customer service to each and every patient. This means, at times, our call volume may be higher than we are able to manage. The Clinic front desk staff checks and logs all phone messages (at a minimum) at 0700, 1100 and 1500. Please leave a message and we WILL return your call.

All grievances or suggestions will be addressed by the Clinic Supervisor (CS) or Clinic Administrator (CA):

  • HSC Vinkel Valentin (CS): (202) 372-4112
  • CWO4 Mike Ford (CA): (202) 372-4121

Please ask to speak with either of them before leaving the clinic if you have a grievance or suggestion.