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Other Services


  • HSWL Base NCR Clinic provides routine immunizations for all Active Duty and Reserve members.
  • The Base NCR Clinic provides immunization consultation, and as clinically indicated by a medical provider per Coast Guard readiness standards or as ordered.
  • To schedule an appointment call the clinic front desk (202) 372-4100.


  • Monday-Friday from 0700-1130 and 1230-1400.

Exception of Wednesday afternoons

Clinic is closed for training.


  • The optometry clinic is staffed by a licensed and certified contract optometrist.
  • The optometry clinic provides comprehensive eye and vision examinations.
  • Services include: refraction, prism for refractive errors or binocular dysfunction, ocular disease or injury, consultations for ocular disorders associated with systemic diseases or their treatment, prescription for corrective lenses, ordering adjustment, and the fitting and repair of spectacles.
  • Patient education regarding ophthalmic conditions, treatment and prevention is also provided.
  • This clinic provides eye care services to Active Duty personnel on Tuesdays from 0700-1130 & 1230-1530.
  • Members have the option to schedule an appointment with the following MTF’s without a referral if unable to schedule through the Base NCR Clinic:
    • NMC WRAMC/Bethesda: (301) 295-0070
    • Navy Yard Clinic: (202) 433-3132
    • Fort Belvoir: (703) 805-0282


  • To schedule an appointment: if you have access to CG Portal, please visit our Portal home page and click on the "Make an Appointment" button.  Otherwise, please call (202) 372-4100 to schedule.


  • The Coast Guard does not cover contact lens exams, prescriptions or lens. Any contact lens exam or purchase would be at the member's expense.