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  • The medical department is billeted by two U. S. Public Health Service medical officers, one U. S. Coast Guard physician assistant, one contract physician assistant, one clinic administrator, one clinic supervisor and eleven health services technicians.
  • All appointments are scheduled starting at 0700 for all eligible personnel.
  • All active duty personnel are to report in their uniform of the day. Civilian attire is authorized while on leave status.
  • To schedule an appointment: if you have access to CG Portal, please visit our Portal home page and click on the "Make an Appointment" button.  Otherwise, please call (202) 372-4100 to schedule.


  • 0700-1130 & 1230-1530 Monday-Friday.

Exception of Wednesday afternoons

Clinic is closed for training.


  • Acute appointments are 20 minutes: For illness or injuries that have occurred within the last 24-48 hours or have worsen within 48 hours.
  • Routine appointments are 20 minutes: Conditions that have existed longer than 48 hours or for follow up appointments.
  • GYN exams are 40 minutes
  • Physical exams are 40 minutes: Periodic Health Assessments, Retirement, Separation and flight physicals.
  • Minor Surgery are 40-60 minutes


  • EMERGENCY CARE – Call 9-1-1, or go to the nearest Emergency Department as soon as possible. Notify the Duty HS and Command of the emergency room care and/or admittance to the hospital as soon as possible.
  • Outside normal hours, all active duty personnel are responsible for contacting the Duty HS prior to seeking urgent/non-life threatening care. Active Duty members are encouraged to use local MTF facilities or the nearest TRICARE approved emergency room for treatment.
  • DUTY HS: (202) 680-3661


** We regret that we only provide life sustaining care to non- active duty USCG personnel. The civilian EMS system will be activated to treat all non-active duty USCG personnel who seek care at the clinic.**