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Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC)
This page is for employees requiring assistance with their GTCC IBA whose card falls under the purview of Hierarchy is (31432 ATU98/GD CGHQ) or (31342 ATU31 Base NCR) for assistance with their GTCC.

For Temporary GTCC Limit Increase Request:  Send a copy of either your CG-2070 TDY Worksheet with accounting data and Funds Approving Official signature, or a copy of your approved signed TDY Orders to the Base NCR/CG HQ GTCC Coordinators at to process a temporary limit increase on your GTCC Account.  Temporary raises are for a credit limit amount and duration based on the cost and dates of travel as indicated on the TDY Worksheet or Orders.

For Frequent Travel GTCC Limit Increase Request: If your duties require you to travel often (5 times or greater within a calendar year) you can request a longer limit increase period.  Request must be in writing on CG memorandum and should be signed by your CO (HQ Staff can be Division Chief or directorate EA) and routed to your GTCC coordinator.  Templates of these memos are available on the CG Base NCR CG Portal Page in the Administration Division Library (If you do not have access to the CG Portal then you can request our office send one via email to you).   Send all correspondence to and one of the GTCC Coordinators will review the request and if allowed under policy will place a Limit Increase on your GTCC for the period of time you are assigned to the current billet or till the expiration date of your GTCC (whichever is shorter).


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