Motor Fleet Management

Location: Coast Guard Building, Room 227

Monday through Friday: 0700-1530

We provide excellent service to Base New Orleans and our outlying customer base which consist of 130 units all over the lower Eighth District, encompassing over 625 vehicle assets and over 500 trailers.


Please email the Motorpool Dispatcher: Victor Sawyer. In the email reservation request please provide the following:

SUBJ: Motor Pool Reservation Request

  1. Driver/Requestor Name and Rank (i.e. YN2 Joe Coastie)
  2. Driver/Requestor Unit (i.e. Base New Orleans, Sector New Orleans, D8, etc.)
  3. Driver/Requestor Phone (i.e. Provide Office and/or Cell numbers)
  4. Vehicle Check-Out Date and Time (i.e. 5 MAR 2014 at 1300)
  5. Vehicle Check-In Date and Time (i.e. 6 MAR 2014 at 0800)
  6. Vehicle Requested (i.e. Sedan, Minivan, or 15-PAX Van)
  7. Number of Passengers
  8. Destination(s)
  9. Reason for request
  10. Any Other Comments

A Motor Pool Dispatcher will provide a response within 1 working day (24 hours) of your request and make all reasonable efforts to meet your requested vehicle type and dispatch times. All motor pool vehicles are dispatched on a first come, first served basis.

The following information continues to be in effect:

Business hours are 0700-1130 and 1230- 1500 Monday-Friday, closed weekends and Federal holidays.  If you need the vehicle before 0700 or on the weekend, adjust your reservation accordingly and pick up the afternoon before. Any reservation exceeding 5 days will require an email with amplifying information regarding the demand of the vehicle to Victor Sawyer. Failure to do so may result in cancelation. The Motorpool staff continuously reviews reservations and reserves the right to change or deny a request that are not in compliance with Base New Orleans Motorpool Standard Operating Procedure or if operational needs arise. Vehicles are required to be fueled up to a full tank of gas before being returned. 

"Don't forget to fuel up!"

Contact Information: (504) 253-4514