Shipping & Receiving

Location: Coast Guard Industrial Building Warehouse

Monday through Friday: 0630-1500

The warehouse facility aides in the assistance of arranging shipping and receiving various types of shipments throughout portions of the Eighth Coast Guard District (with the exception of Missouri and Alabama).


Procedure for Arranging Shipment:

  1. Fill out and send  the Shipping Request Form or DD1149 From with as much information as possible to the Transportation Officer (both links are located at the bottom of this page).
  2. The Transportation Officer will review the paperwork and arrange for pick-up and delivery based on specified handling instructions. If there are any questions with the paperwork, the TO will contact you.
  3. If there are no issues with the shipping order, the TO will be in contact to confirm the shipping arrangements, provide a pick-up date, and send a copy of the Commercial Bill of Lading (CBL).
  4. The item will then be picked-up in accordance to the specifications listed on the Shipping Request.
  5. At this time, it is the responsibility of the Pick-Up location to have the Pick-Up Agent sign and date the CBL. A copy will need to be given to the Pick-Up Agent, sent to the originating TO, and one maintained for shipping records.
  6. The item will be delivered to the specifications listed on the Shipping Request Form.
  7. Upon receipt of the item to the designated delivery address, the Receiving Party must sign the CBL, procure a copy for receiving records and for transmission back to the TO, and surrender the original Carrier Copy to the Carrier.


After Hours Assistance:
Please contact the OOD at (504) 329-1969

Applicable Links:

Shipping Request Form

DD 1149 Form