Housing Department

Location: Coast Guard Building, Personnel Support Department, Room 287

Hours of Operation: Monday through Fridays: 0700-1530

The New Orleans Housing Branch is the Area Housing Office that provides program oversight of the various Local Housing Authorities/Officers within the lower Eighth District area of responsibility (AOR). It exercises direct supervisory control over 38 Coast Guard owned housing units throughout the Florida Panhandle, Texas and Louisiana. We also provide leased housing for qualified members in the lower D8 AOR.

Contact Information:

Housing Branch Chief:
Work: (504) 253-4796

Housing Management Specialist:
Work: (504) 253-4724

Administrative Assistant:
Work: (504) 253-4807

Base New Orleans Master At Arms (MAA):
Work: (504) 253-4529

SFO Galveston Housing Assistant:
Work: (210) 275-5089 

Housing Storekeeper:
Work: (504) 253-4814

Housing Inspector:
Work: (504) 253-4800

Housing Maintenance Coordinator
Work: (504) 253-4564

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