Security Levels



Military Semi-Annual Weigh-ins (October 2017):

Military Annual Verifications (October-November 2017):

  • Emergency Contacts Information (DA Self-Service):

    (1) Review your information for Emergency Contacts in Direct Access.

    (2) If accurate - your done.

    (3) If corrections are required – use the Direct Access Self-Service Guide to fix.


  • Qualification to Possess Firearms or Ammunition (DD form 2760):

    (1) Directions on how to complete are on the form.

    (2) The official DOD Form allows for digital signature.

    (3) Once you have complete the form, you can email it to

    (4) Once we review and accept the form we will place it into your SPO-PDR.


  • BAH/Dependency Data Form:

    (1) Request a copy of this form from your Personnel and Administration (P&A) staff,
         (the form is generated from DA).

    (2) If all information is accurate on the form; sign the form and return to your P&A staff.
    NOTE: Social Security Numbers (Optional see corrections below).


    ***Corrections – if the form has incorrect information:

    (1) Pen and Ink the corrections

    (2) If adding or removing a dependent complete CG-2020.
    NOTE: (examples: Dependents that join the military, or get married, etc., are not your BAH eligible dependent anymore and need to be removed).

    (3) Submit the annotated BAH Form, CG2020, and supporting documents to your (P&A) office.
    NOTE: Social Security Number is required for a military spouse but not the other dependents but is optional and can be added in DA for all other dependents.
    (To add an SSN to your dependents in DA you must provide a copy of a valid SSN Card)
    (4) Your (P&A) staff will review source documents and the CG-2020 w/you and submit to the applicable YN Pay Technician in the SPO for processing.

    (5) Once Direct Access has been updated your (P&A) office should provide you with the updated BAH form for you to sign.


    This will complete your Annual Verification Requirement.


    Additional documents to consider reviewing at this time are the SGLI/FSGLI designations, and CG-2020 form "Designation of Beneficiaries and Record of Emergency Data". Review of these documents are not required during the annual verification but highly recommended to ensure no changes as indicated below have happened, or require a resubmission of these documents:

  • SGLI/FSGLI designations: Review the form on file and ensure beneficiaries designations are as you wish. Submit a new form (available at if you need to change any beneficiaries designations. There is no need to resubmit this form If no changes to the beneficiaries is required.

  • The CG-2020 form should have been completed when you reported to your duty station.  If the CG-2020 on file does not reflect your current duty station, or there are any changes/updates to the contact information on the form for any of the designees' then you need to complete a new CG-2020 and submit to your (P&A) office.