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Welcome to Gear & Grit!


BLUF: New Mission Support blog is here. Send your content. Tell your mom.  

Welcome to the Gear & Grit blog! 

We hear you…“Great, another Coast Guard webpage.” Well, yeah – but this one is cooler. Promise! 

So why “another web page?” If you’re a member of the Coast Guard Mission Support workforce, you know that the work you do is critical – unfortunately, nobody’s made an Ashton Kutcher movie about it.  
Since Hollywood obviously lacks the creative vision to produce an epic feature film focused on all the things Mission Support professionals do to train, build, educate, maintain, support, etc., the DCMS-5 team decided to take up the cause. Netflix stopped taking our calls, so we figured a blog was the next best thing.
Thus, Gear & Grit. This blog will serve as a slightly less formal way to share more in-depth stories from behind the scenes of Mission Support. It’ll give us space to highlight the extraordinary work of Mission Support’s units, teams, and individuals throughout the year. And, being here on the public side of the interweb, it gives you the chance to share a little more about what you do with friends, family, and colleagues. So, give Nana a call – she might need some help getting here, but you know she can’t WAIT to tell her friends at Bridge club about what you’ve been up to.  
You’ll see a variety of content posted here about 2-3 times per month including feature stories, short updates, awards and recognitions, recurring columns, and guests posts from across the Mission Support enterprise.  
But – don’t confuse us with the dedicated folks over at MyCG. They’re still your go-to source for important Coast Guard news, the latest policy updates, and content that focuses on the Service overall. Seriously – want the latest Coast Guard news? Bookmark MyCG.  
This is just our little Mission Support-nerd corner of the internet. The place where YOU, Mission Support workforce, are the story. And since we haven’t mastered cloning (yet…) and can’t be everywhere at once, we need your help to ensure we get all the most awesome content from all corners of Mission Support. Whether it’s a few bullet points, an all-out feature story, photos, videos, whatever you’ve got – please share it with us! You can contact DCMS-5 with your content via this Microsoft Form.  
We’re honestly pretty stoked about this and can’t wait to start posting your content. 
Semper Paratus! 

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