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FORCECOM Bright Spot: Updating Training and Saving Money at TRACEN Yorktown



The Coast Guard Machinery Technician (MK) Schoolhouse’s Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Group recently received eight Cummins QSC 8.3 engines to replace aging Detroit 6V92 engines. This enables students to learn on the latest technology and equipment they encounter in the fleet.

Using in-house resources, ICE instructors mocked up modifications for the old engine stand and prototyped a new mounting solution. With assistance from the Damage Controlman (DC) Schoolhouse, the old mount was modified, and ICE instructors successfully mounted the new Cummins engine. Completing this project in-house will save the Coast Guard more than $90,000 and ensure the highest quality standards.

The ICE Group will prioritize replacing the older engine training aids while continuing to instruct “A” school classes without any disruptions.

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