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Volunteer Community Service

The DHS policy guidance in Management Directive 254-01, Volunteer Community Service, applies and permits employees who participate in volunteer activities directly related to the DHS mission to receive up to 60 hours of administrative leave per leave year for volunteer community service. Employees who wish to use administrative leave must not have previously exhausted the 60 hours per year administrative leave maximum for volunteer community service. If the 60 hours per year maximum has been exhausted, employees must request annual leave, leave without pay, credit hours (under a flexible work schedule), or compensatory time off, to be eligible to participate in volunteer community service activities.

Volunteer criteria include volunteer opportunities directly related to the DHS mission, officially sponsored or sanctioned by DHS that enhance the professional development or skills of the employee in their current position, or the absence is brief and in the best interest of the DHS.

  • The Directive defines Volunteer Community Service as:
    • Non-obligatory service to a public entity or a private, nonprofit organization that is representative of a community or, a significant segment of a community, and that is engaged in meeting human, educational, or environmental community needs, including churches and other religious entities and community action agencies.
  • Employees must have the concurrence of their first-level supervisors before volunteering. The granting of administrative leave for volunteer activities must be approved in the following manner:
    • One day of administrative leave - 1st level supervisor.
    • Two or more days of administrative leave - 2nd level supervisor.
  • DHS Form 254 may be used to request approval for volunteer hours. 
  • For additional guidance regarding the appropriate use of leave, work schedules and workplace flexibilities, contact the servicing Human Resources Specialist.
  • Employees who participate in volunteer community service are encouraged to maintain records of their volunteer service hours by registering with the President’s Volunteer Service Award website.