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Leadership courses are available to active, reserve and civilian personnel; through multiple agencies.

Midgrade Officer and Civilian Transition Course 2 (MOCTC 2)


About the Course

As officers and civilians advance in our organization they must transition from serving as technical experts to organizational leaders. New O4s and GS13s must expand their professional knowledge of the Coast Guard and gain a better understanding of how the Coast Guard interacts with external partners. As officers and civilians progress to command positions at large units, expand their oversight responsibilities and help define the Coast Guard of the future, they need a venue to learn, practice, and receive feedback on these skills.


To enable students to apply knowledge to large-scale current organizational challenges and daily individual leadership challenges.

Areas of Emphasis

The primary focus of MOCTC 2 will be on Leading Performance and Change and Leading the Coast Guard competencies. Topics covered within the curriculum include the Constitution and federal government, the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Coast Guard strategy, Coast Guard resource management, and Coast Guard Headquarters functions. Graduates of this course will:

  1. Be fluent with all Coast Guard missions – not just their own specialty or experience.
  2. Skillfully work with others throughout the organization to lead positive change.
  3. Make decisions with a broad perspective of the Coast Guard and federal government.
  4. Apply a robust understanding of the planning and budget process to efficiently deploy resources and understand constraints.
  5. Understand strategic perspectives and be able to communicate them to all levels.
  6. Positively impact their co-workers, unit and the Coast Guard.
  7. Leverage an expanded peer network across disciplines/specialties/workforce.
  8. Become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses and their impact on others.
  9. Be invigorated in their dedication to Coast Guard service.


    MOCTC-2 is delivered in a blended format over a period of 22 weeks. Each course consists of 11 weeks online training before, and eight weeks online training following a three-week resident session in Washington, DC. Online coursework requires a 2-4 hour commitment per week and includes reading, participation in online discussion boards and work on a results project. Students who fail to keep up with course assignments may be disenrolled.


      The target audience for MOCTC-2 is O4s and GS13s (or other civilian schedule equivalent). However, high performing GS-12s and GS-14s that have recently assumed supervisory roles are encouraged to apply. Reserve O4s may be considered for MOCTC-2, pending funding approval from their DXR. 

      How to Apply for the Course

      Coordinate with your Training Officer or ESO to submit an Electronic Training Request (ETR) using Direct Access. The online portions of these courses require internet access, but it need not be a CG workstation. Course Code: 100140

      Course Convenings

      Resident sessions will meet in Washington, DC at CGHQ during the following dates:


      MOCTC-2 (01-19): 02/25/19 - 03/15/19 (overall course length: 12/10/18 - 05/10/19)

      MOCTC-2 (02-19): 09/09/19 - 09/27/19 (overall course length: 06/24/19 - 11/22/19)

      Program Manager

      CWO Nicole McKenzie, COMDT (CG-128), phone 202-475-5518, email