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Office of Operational Medicine and Medical Readiness (CG-1121)

Individual Medical Readiness (IMR)

Readiness Requirements
Assessing IMR is a continuous process and must be monitored and reported on a regular basis to provide service leaders and operational commanders the ability to ensure a healthy and fit fighting force ready to deploy.

IMR consists of the following elements:

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 Dental Readiness

Dental Requirements
All Active Duty and SELRES members shall have an annual Dental Exam. If there is no MTF to perform the exam the Active Duty and SELRES member should use the DD-2813 and have the exam performed by a civilian provider (See Med Man Chapter 3 Section C). SELRES members must be in compliance with the requirement for an annual T-2 dental examination and be classified as Dental Class 1 or 2.


Required Immunizations
Immunization status will be reviewed and updated to ensure all required immunizations are current for the next year. Overdue immunizations will be administered during the Periodic Health Assessment (PHA). Service members must have the following immunizations to be deployment ready or have the appropriate medical and/or administrative exemption documented in the health record:

  • Hepatitis A (completed series)

  • Hepatitis B (completed series)

  • Inactivated polio vaccine (IPV)

  • Tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis (Tdap ) or Tetanus/diphtheria (Td)

  • Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR)

  • Annual Influenza

*(NOTE: Additional immunizations may be required prior to specific deployment or assignments.)

 Individual Medical Equipment (IME)

Readiness Requirements
Individual Medical Equipment will be documented during the Periodic Health Assessment (PHA). Service members who are in the process of being deployed (expeditionary deployment) shall present to the PHA appointment with the following IME:

  • Ballistic Protection Optical Inserts. Service members who require vision correction will possess the appropriate optical insert compatible with the Military Combat Eye Protection (MCEP) device issued to the service member. MCEP spectacle with optical insert may be counted as one pair of spectacles to meet the requirement for two pair of eyeglasses.

  • Protective (Gas) Mask Inserts (PMI/GMI). Service members who require vision correction will possess the appropriate optical insert compatible with the protective mask to be used. SELRES service members assigned to deployable operational units will have PMI/GMI while in a SELRES status. All other SELRES service members will receive PMI/GMI when notified of deployment.

  • Medical warning tags. Service members who have documented allergies and permanent conditions which would delay treatment (in the absence of a HR), or render the routinely indicated course of treatment dangerous (e.g. allergic reaction to drugs, or insect bites) shall have a red medical tag.

All coast Guard personnel requiring vision correction will present to the PHA appointment with two pairs of glasses.

 IMR & DLMC Flowchart

Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) vs. Deployment Limiting Medical Conditions (DLMC)

IMR & DLMC Flowchart (Click to view, file on .pdf format)

 Readiness Lab Studies

Readiness labs
The Health Record will be reviewed to ensure all required laboratory studies are current. If laboratory studies are due or are due within the ensuing 11 months, they will be drawn during the Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) visit. SELRES members will be advised to see their civilian provider for any laboratory studies, other than Coast Guard mandated readiness laboratory studies. The basic laboratory studies required for an individual to be medically ready are:

  • Blood type and RH factor

  • G6PD status (normal/abnormal)

  • Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) (verified receipt at Armed Forces Institute of Pathology repository)

  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) antibody specimen (tested every 2 years)

For MRRS entry, all labs, with the exception of DNA, must be verified via lab report. Active Duty and SELRES personnel shall be HIV tested every two years, unless clinically indicated. SELRES personnel shall be HIV tested at the time of activation when called to active duty for more than 30 days and if they have not received an HIV test within the last two years. All members shall be tested within one year before an expeditionary deployment.

Readiness Resources

MRRS (logon required)

Clinic Responsibility Unit Report

Active Duty / Reserve Forces Dental Examination DD-2813


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