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Office of Operational Medicine and Quality Improvement Division (CG-1K21)

Periodic Health Assessment (PHA)

Required PHA
Starting 1 Mar 2018, the USCG uses the same PHA as the other military services. The link to the right leads to the HSWL Service Center PHA website with specific instructions on how to complete the PHA

All Coast Guard personnel will receive a PHA at least every 12 months. A PHA can be accomplished up to 6 months early if needed for deployment preparation or unit PHA synchronization. For new accessions, the first PHA is due within 12 months of completion of Initial Entry Training (Basic Training, USCGA graduation, etc.).

For recording keeping purposes (in MRRS), the completion date for the PHA shall be the date the patient is seen at the clinic for the PHA appointment. When feasible, the PHA will be accomplished in a single visit.

Personnel who get their primary care at a CG clinic will have their PHA performed there, including a face-to-face visit with a CG Health Care Provider.

Personnel who use the Reserve Health Readiness Program (i.e. Logistics Health, Incorporated or LHI) begin their PHA by completing the Service member module and then contacting the Health Services Technician responsible for their unit.

Units whose personnel get their primary care at a DoD clinic or hospital may request permission from HSWL Service Center to have their PHAs performed at the DoD clinic/hospital. See the link to the HSWL Service Center PHA website for details. This must be requested at the unit level.

The PHA will consist of the following components:

  • Servicemember module.
  • Record and Individual Medical Readiness Review(CPS)
  • PHA provider portion, including a Mental Health Assessment, Fitness for Duty recommendation, and recommended Clinical Preventive Services

Readiness Resources

MRRS (logon required)
HSWL Service Center PHA Job Aid
HSW SC PHA Guidance

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