Office of Health Services (CG-1K2)

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Health Systems Administrative Division 

Health Systems Administration Division (CG-1122) - Responsible for budgetary oversight of all Coast Guard health care facilities, management of the Coast Guard’s Medical Information Systems, as well maintenance of medical policy, directives, and publications.

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Health Systems Administration Division (CG-1K22)

Division Chief


Mr. John Allen


(202) 475-5180 


Chief Medical Informatics Officer


LCDR Swati Singh


(202) 475-5202


Health Management & Prog Analyst


Ms. Lisa Watts


(202) 475-5188 


Health System Specialist






Health Systems Admin


LCDR Christopher Hepp


(202) 475-5060


Defense Health Agency Liaison


LT Antonio Cole


(202) 475-5197


Publications & Directives Manager


CWO Luiz Muniz


(202) 475-5173 


Assistant Medical Informatics Officer


CWO Deana Palmisano


(202) 475-5205


Supply & Finance Manager


SKCS Ruby Zimetbaum


(202) 475-5140 





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