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Coast Guard Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (CG PAAS)

CG PAAS is an enterprise-wide, web-based system for personnel accountability of Coast Guard members and their dependents. CG PAAS developed in cooperation with the Space and Naval Warfare Command, enables Coast Guard members to perform that required notification.

Other Facts:

  • Web-based mass accountability application to account for sponsors & dependents of sponsors
  • CAC / non-CAC access
  • Populated by Coast Guard databases

To this end, there is the Personnel Accountability System (PAS) COMDTINST 3006.4B, which outlines the policy, roles and responsibilities, etc. for both the commands and the individual sponsors. This COMDTINST associated references can be found using the following links:

CG PAAS CG Portal Site (CG Workstation only):

CG PAAS website: