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Domains of HSI - System Safety

The system safety domain involves the application of engineering and management principles, criteria, and techniques to optimize all aspects of safety within the constraints of operational effectiveness, time, and cost throughout all phases of the system life cycle.

Safety factors consist of those system design characteristics that serve to minimize the potential for mishaps causing death or injury to operators, maintainers and supporters or threaten the survival and/or operation of the system or cause cascading failures in other systems. Prevalent issues include factors that threaten the safe operation and/or survival of the platform; walking and working surfaces including work at heights; pressure extremes; and control of hazardous energy releases such as mechanical, electrical, fluids under pressure, ionizing or non-ionizing radiation (often referred to as "lock-out/tag-out"), fire, and explosions.

Safety analyses and lessons learned are used to aid in development of design features that prevent safety hazards to the greatest extent possible and manage safety hazards that cannot be avoided. For more information on the Safety domain, refer to the Defense Acquisitions Handbook, 6.3.5.