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Coast Guard Alert and Warning System Enterprise (AWS-E)

AWS-E is the Coast Guard's system of record for mass notification. It enables authorized operators to rapidly disseminate bulk targeted alerts, as circumstances dictate, using email, text messaging, phone [text-to-voice], pager, fax, and a desktop pop-up feature to reach its recipients. AWS is used by various governmental agencies which include: Transportation Security Administration, Customs and Border Protection, United States Air Force, United States Navy (USN), United State Army, United States Marine Corps, and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Other Facts (Capabilities and Miscellaneous Information):

  • Two-way unified notification to various devices
  • Response Tracking and Reporting
  • Notification mechanism for CG PAAS
  • SDLC approved system
  • CAC access only

To this end, there is an AWS COMDTINST 2080.1, which outlines the use and management for AWS. This COMDTINST and associated references can be found using the following links:

AWS CG Portal Site (Coast Guard workstation only):