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Domains of HSI - Human Factors Engineering

Human factors engineering (HFE) encompasses the technical consideration and application of the integration of design criteria, psychological principles, human behavior, capabilities and limitations as they relate to the design, development, test, and evaluation of systems. The goal is to maximize the ability of users to perform at required levels through the elimination of design-induced errors.

Secondly, it ensures that system operation, maintenance, and support are compatible with the total capabilities and limitations of users operating or maintaining those systems.

The goal of HFE is to design systems that require minimal manpower; provide effective training; can be operated, maintained and supported by users; and are suitable (habitable and safe with minimal environmental and occupational health hazards) and survivable (for both the crew and equipment).

For more information on the Human Factors Engineering domain, refer to the Defense Acquisitions Handbook, 6.3.4.