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Domains of Human Systems Integration (HSI)

Human Systems Integration is an umbrella term for several areas of human factors research, or domains, that includes human factors engineering, manpower, personnel, training, personnel survivability and habitability, and environmental safety and occupational health.  The Coast Guard integrates these domains into four teams:

Performance & Training

  • Training concepts; initial and follow-on
  • Delivery systems: organic, embedded, distance learning
  • Skill progression
  • Human-system interface
  • Cost mitigation

System Safety

  • Accident avoidance
  • Safety hazard avoidance
  • Health hazard avoidance
  • Risk mitigation
  • Personal protection
  • Environmental limits & controlsAdd Content...

Human Factors Engineering

  • Human performance
  • Human interface
  • Human error avoidance
  • Top down analysis
  • Design for usability
  • Design for maintainability

Manpower & Personnel

  • Workload (quality/quantity)
  • Force structure operating strength
  • Personnel classification selection
  • Skill mix
  • Occupational standards