Morale, Well-Being, and Recreation Division


Base Boston's MWR program encompasses the following facilities and programs:

Base Boston MWR assists D1 morale officers with their responsibilities and distributes CGES funding to the unit.  Unit PAL billet count determines distribution funding.  Morale officers can find templates, instructions, and forms for the morale program on CGPortal MWR Documents page.

District One Sport's Grants

The D1 Sports Grant program provides funding to off set registration fees for D1 unit teams participating in sports tournaments.  The Base Boston instruction regarding the program is located on CGPortal MWR Documents page.

This provides policy and procedures for sport's teams comprised of Team Coast Guard members within the First District AOR to obtain financial sponsorship in order to participate in military and private sector sports competitions.

Additionally, Elite Coast Guard athletes [as defined in ref (a)] who are in a position to represent the United States in national and/or international competitions (including the Olympics) will be considered for funding under this program.

Julia Rosa
D1 MWR Director
(857) 416-3291