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Educational Opportunities for the 21st Century

The Learning Center is dedicated to providing the U.S. Coast Guard and its personnel in any location with quality services to support and enhance education, training, career development and personal achievement.
Our Mission
"To provide access, opportunity and personal encouragement to significantly enhance the education and training of our most valuable asset, our people." VADM Harvey E. Johnson, Jr.

Boston ESO: Mr. Robert Plumpton
USCG ESO Boston 
(617) 223-3462
USCG Base Boston - Building 4, Deck 4

The Learning Center is located in the Barracks/Galley Building 4, 4th floor. Enter through the large glass enclosed stairwell up to the 4th floor and enter by the door on the right.

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday - 0600 to 1400
Counseling - Available by appointment

Services Available

Tuition Assistance

  • TA is currently available to Active Duty and Reserve personnel.  Under current TA policy Civilian employees are not authorized TA.
  • Obligated service: 
    • Enlisted – complete course prior to RELAD.
    • Active Duty/Reserve Officers – A/D 2yr, RES 4 yr from course completion date.
    • Civilians – one month for each course credit hour from course completion date.
  • TA has an annual maximum or "cap" of $2,250.00.
  • The annual cap falls within each fiscal year (1 October to 30 September).
  • Once the member uses the maximum allotted amount per year, no waivers will be granted for additional money.
  • Budget constraints may require further TA policy changes. TA cap does not mean the Coast Guard guarantees to pay the full amount.
  • For both undergraduate and graduate level courses, the hourly cap is:
    • $250 per semester hour
    • $166.67 per quarter hour


  • Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT) The AFCT is the in-service equivalent to the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).
    • AFCT Testing:
      • Members must complete the AFCT if they seek to improve ASVAB test scores when qualifying for technical training or officer accession programs.
      • Completion of the AFCT is the only authorized ASVAB retesting process.
      • The electronic version of the AFCT is taken in its entirety, test results replace all ten (10) subtest scores in the members personnel record regardless of prior test scores.

CLEP & DSST Testing

CLEP & DSST examinations are now only available through e-testing at colleges, universities, and national testing center (on a fee basis).  Active and Reserve members in the local area may opt to use North Shore Community College.  Two locations are listed below:

Danvers Campus


Lynn Campus

LYNN MA 01901
781-593-6722x 6682
Contact: Erika Diaz,


  • Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) Foreign language exam used to certify CG translators. 

Online study resources


DANTES reimburses all the above tests.

Proctoring Services

ESO is available to proctor mid-term and final exams for CG personnel and their dependents. 

Credit for Military Experience:

  • An assessment is documentation of:
    • Your advancement history.
    • Your resident military and non-resident military training.
    • ACE college credit earned for advancements and training.
    • The Coast Guard uses the  Joint Service Transcript (JST).
    • You can request an official military transcript to be forwarded to a college of your choice.

Grants available:

CG Mutual Assistance offers education assistance:

**All CGMA Education Assistance is available to all CG Personnel - not needs based, everyone qualifies.** Supplemental Education Grants.  Available to all CG Personnel and their dependents who are working towards a college or university undergraduate or post graduate degree program, earning a Vocational and Technical Training (VoTech) certificate; or seeking a General Equivalency Diploma (GED), up to $500.00 per CY.

Education Loan. A loan up to $3,000 to cover educational expenses Stafford/PLUS Loan fee Reimbursement.


Education Services Available

  • Tuition Assistance and TA Waiver
  • Coast Guard Foundation Grants
  • Supplemental Education Grants (SEG)
  • Education Testing Services (ETS)
  • CGMA Application form

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