Housing Division

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 0700 to 1530

USCG Base Boston :: Building 1, 3rd Deck :: 427 Commercial St., Boston, MA 02109

Welcome and congratulations on your orders to the Greater Boston MA Area, home to 21 Coast Guard Commands with over 900 active duty members. The cost of living in the Boston area is extremely high, and home ownership as well as rental costs are among the most expensive in the nation.

Assignment to government owned family housing is mandatory, if available. Please contact the local housing office at  (617 223 3366) prior to making any housing arrangements, this includes single members. This will help you avoid problems resulting in leasing housing in areas not recommended by the housing office.  If you do not contact the local housing office for counseling, they may not be able to assist you in terminating leases if you find yourself in a untenable housing situation on the economy. The Local Housing Office will provide you valuable referral information about local communities, available rentals and mass transit accessibility.   

It is mandatory all E-4 and below single members check into the Base Boston Unaccompanied  Personnel Housing (UPH)  prior to making any housing arrangements in the local community. When you check in with the UPH manager, you may request a release from assignment  to the UPH.  Releases from assignment to the UPH will only be granted when the  UPH is fully utilized (95% occupancy rate). Also, all single E3 and below assigned to Coast Guard cutters in the greater Boston shall be assigned to the UPH.

Be sure to check out all of your options for Local Housing Programs and receive the proper releases from assignment to UPH before making any housing decision. Again, welcome to the Greater Boston Area. There are two BAH rates within the Greater Boston Area. Essex County (MA 125) which encompasses Coast Guard units located on Boston's North Shore, and Metro Boston (MA 120) which covers Coast Guard units located in downtown Boston and the South Shore. There are significant differences among the rates. Know your BAH entitlement before entering into a lease.

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)  and DLA Rates


Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH)  

UPH Check-in hours:


0700 - 1530 in the UPH office, and 1530-2200 with the duty section. 

Sat-Sun, and Holidays.

0700 - 2200 with the duty Section.

The UPH Office is located on the third deck of Building 1, and the OOD office is located on the second deck of Building 1.  Personnel arriving outside of the posted hours will not be guaranteed a check-in.  If you intend to arrive after 2200 please call and make arrangements with the Base OOD 617-223-3333.

Click here to email UPH

Manager: (617) 223-3171
Local Housing Officer
John R. Cole
Phone: 617-223-3348
Housing Management Specialist
Ms. Christine Reilly
(617) 223-3024
Housing Management Specialist
Mr. Colum Kearns
(617) 223-3366

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