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Work-Life is a division in the Health, Safety, and Work-Life Department of Base Los Angeles/Long Beach.

HSWL Regional Practice Manager, CDR Melba J. Crisp 510-437-3189

HSWL Deputy Regional Practice Manager, LT Christopher Morrett 310-521-6126

Work-Life Supervisor, D11Mr. David Romero 510-437-5981

Work-Life Offices 800-872-4957

Critical Incident Response - 510-437-3700

CG Support Program Counseling and Work-Life Balance 855-CG SUPRT (247-8778)

Suicide Prevention Hotline – 800 273-TALK (8255)


Employee Assistance Coordinator ------ Tiffani Collier 310-521-6136 /

General Assistance and Resources for Professional/Work and Personal/Life issues

  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention and Intervention

  • Critical Incident Response and Support Services

  •  Mandated and Peer Training

  • Workplace Violence Intervention and Training

    AdditionallySARC  BACKUP 

Family Advocacy Specialist –-----Felice Roth 310-521-6133 /

  • Family Violence Crisis Intervention

  • Child Abuse Intervention

Family Resource Specialist---------Tony Haynes - 310-521-6134 /

Family Special Needs Coordinator


  • Elder Care Resources

  • Adoption Reimbursement Assistance, Educational Scholarship, Grants and  CG  Sponsored Loan Resources

  • Special Needs Grant and CG Respite Care Support/Grant information

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator------SARC 510-437-3446

Restricted and unrestricted reporting of sexual assault with coordination of resources


  • Sexual Assault case management and Victim Advocate assignment.

Personal Financial Management Coordinator ----------- Jennifer Conole – 619-278-7117 /

  • Financial Education, Counseling, Resource Referral, and Financial Course Coordination

Transition and Relocation Jennifer Conole 619-278-7117 /

  • Transition Services -  Separation and Retirement Seminars (TGPS – formerly TAPS)

  • Additionally:

  •     Spousal Employment Assistance & Resumes

Ombudsman Coordinator –------------Jennifer Conole 619-278-7117 /

Substance Abuse Prevention ---------- HSC Emmett Blount (510) 637-1190 /

CDAR Coordinator - Awareness and Prevention Training

CG Support Program (CG SUPRT)

  • Short term counseling AND life management assistance: 855-CG SUPRT (247-8778)