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Government Travel Debit Card: Agent

Debit Card Command Role Webpage

References for this program are found in CIM4600.18, Chapter 3

Debit Card Agent designation/relief process is found on the Debit Card Command Role webpage.

Debit Card Issuing Procedures/Policy:

Debit cards shall only be issued if the following three items can be met:

(1)  The traveler does not have a new, active or suspended government travel credit card or is exempt from mandatory GTCC use; and
(2)  Time constraints do not allow the traveler to obtain a travel advance through routine processes; and
(3)  Non-receipt of an immediate travel advance would cause financial hardship on the traveler.

Agents shall use the Debit Card Issue-Checklist and Debit Card Issue-Information and Acknowledgement form when issuing debit cards to ensure traveler responsibilities are understood and requests are proper processed.

The following documents will be scanned and emailed to FINCEN at and PSC at within 2 hours of the card issue.
Debit Card Issue-Checklist
Debit Card Issue-Information and Acknowledgement Form
    Travel Orders and any amendments
    CMS confirmation page
    Back side of card carrier completed with traveler info and account number

JPMC Account Service Center site: are leaving this USCG website)

JPMC Account Service Center Customer Support:  888-606-5560

Comprehensive ASC User Guide

Comprehensive Service Center Application Review

Central Support Unit JPMChase Help and Tips Document

Debit Card Fee Schedule

Debit Card Bulk Order Form