The Minotaur prototype HC-130J, CGNR 2003, lands at Air Station Elizabeth City, North Carolina, June 6, 2017. The Coast Guard exercised a contract option June 30 to retrofit a fourth HC-130J with Minotaur capabilities. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

Coast Guard Exercises Option For Fourth HC-130J Minotaur Retrofit

July 11, 2017

The Coast Guard exercised a contract option June 30, worth approximately $3.3 million, with L3 Technologies Integrated Systems Platform Integration Division in Waco, Texas, for Minotaur missionization of one HC-130J Super Hercules long range surveillance aircraft.

The Minotaur mission system suite is used on multiple platforms across the departments of Defense and Homeland Security. Missionization involves modifying the aircraft to incorporate the sensors; radar; and remaining command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance equipment that allows aircrews to gather and process surveillance information for transmission to shore and surface operators.

Under this option, an HC-130J will enter the retrofit process in early 2018, with delivery planned for the end of that year. The Minotaur retrofit will take place on one of four aircraft currently operating out of Air Station Elizabeth City, North Carolina, with the legacy mission system suite.

The first aircraft to undergo a retrofit was the Minotaur prototype, CGNR 2003, which was delivered to Air Station Elizabeth City this summer. The Coast Guard previously ordered retrofits for three additional HC-130Js under the contract with L3. Minotaur missionization work began on CGNR 2008 in January and is planned for completion later this year. CGNR 2004 entered the process in May and is scheduled for delivery in early 2018. CGNR 2005 will be the third aircraft to receive a retrofit and will enter the process later this year, with delivery planned for 2018.

Following their delivery to the Coast Guard in a baseline configuration, CGNR 2009 and CGNR 2010 also entered the Minotaur missionization process earlier this year. CGNR 2009 is planned for delivery to the fleet this summer, and CGNR 2010 is planned for delivery in spring 2018.

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