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Chief Warrant Officer Professional Development Course (CWOPD) (500736 & 501614)

**Important Note Regarding COVID-19**

At this time, CWOPD is considered non-mission essential and not time-sensitive; therefore, the course is on hold until further notice. It's realistic to assume that CWOPD will not resume until FY21 Q3 or later. In the meantime, CG-128 is developing a waiver issued to CWOs who would not be able to attend within 18 months of commission. Further guidance on the waiver process will be shared once it's developed. Please keep checking back for updates or reach out to CWO Nicole McKenzie at

The Job Task Analysis (JTA) and Training Requirements Analysis (TRA) survey is here!

Your participation in this survey is VITAL to the improvement process and will impact all future CWOs. Completing this survey will help ensure CWOPD continues to provide the appropriate training and tools to meet the needs of the fleet. The target audience for the survey is W-2s within three years of commission. CWOs within the target audience received an email with the survey link, if you did not receive it or need another link, please contact CWO Nicole McKenzie by 31 August 2020.


Class Convening Dates

Course Code Session # Course Name Dates
501614 109 CWO PRO DEV (2 weeks) 21 OCT - 01 NOV 2019
501614 110 CWO PRO DEV (2 weeks) 02 DEC - 13 DEC 2019
501614 111 CWO PRO DEV (2 weeks) 06 JAN - 17 JAN 2020
501614 112 CWO PRO DEV (2 weeks) 03 FEB - 14 FEB 2020
501614 113 CWO PRO DEV (2 weeks) 23 MAR - 03 APR 2020 -CANCELED
501614 114 CWO PRO DEV (2 weeks) 08 JUN - 19 JUN 2020 - CANCELED
501614 115 CWO PRO DEV (2 weeks) 13 JUL - 24 JUL 2020 - CANCELED
501614 116 CWO PRO DEV (2 weeks) 14 SEP - 25 SEP 2020 - CANCELED
500736 87 CWO PRO DEV (3 weeks) 20 APR - 08 MAY 2020 - CANCELED
500736 88 CWO PRO DEV (3 weeks) 10 AUG - 28 AUG 2020 - CANCELED


About the Course

The CWOPD course is designed to assist newly commissioned CWOs in transitioning into the commissioned officer ranks. The course curriculum focuses on leadership, service etiquette, customs and courtesies, communication (oral and written), and the necessary administrative skills needed to become an effective Coast Guard Officer. Attendance and successful completion of the CWOPD course is mandatory for all W-2s within the first 18 months of commission. Newly appointed CWOs who have not attended CPO Academy or an authorized substitution should apply for the three week course of instruction, course code 500736. CWOs who have graduated from CPO Academy or an authorized substitution should apply for the two week course (501614). 


Training Objectives


CWOPD builds upon individual skills attained through ones career and provides a vehicle for sharing experiences to improve group effectiveness.  This course facilitates professional and personal growth in knowledge, skills, attitudes, and abilities through learning, self-awareness, self-assessment, feedback, and reflection.  Key areas of emphasis are Coast Guard Vision, Core Values, Professionalism, Lifelong learning, and the uniqueness of Chief Warrant Officers in our service.  This course also emphasizes education assessment, diversity, critical thinking, and mentoring.

Application Procedures

Coordinate with your Training Officer or ESO to submit an Electronic Training Request (ETR) using Direct Access. Course code: 501614 (2 week) or 500736 (3 week). If you are approaching the 18 month requirement, contact the Program Manager before submitting your ETR.

Program Manager

CWO Nicole McKenzie, COMDT (CG-128), phone 202-475-5518, email: