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Chief Warrant Officer Professional Development Course (CWOPD) (501614)

**Important Note Regarding COVID-19**

Temporary Suspension of Promotion Requirements for Leadership Courses: Due to the impacts of COVID-19, many FY20 Chief Warrant Officer Professional Development (CWOPD) sessions were cancelled. These cancellations created a significant backlog, and may prevent CWOs from meeting the 18-month requirement to attend in order to promote. For more information, please read ALCOAST 326/20 (

About the Course

The CWOPD course is designed to assist newly commissioned CWOs in transitioning into the commissioned officer ranks. The course curriculum focuses on leadership, service etiquette, customs and courtesies, communication (oral and written), and the necessary administrative skills needed to become an effective Coast Guard Officer. CWOPD builds upon individual skills attained through ones career and provides a vehicle for sharing experiences to improve group effectiveness.  This course facilitates professional and personal growth in knowledge, skills, attitudes, and abilities through learning, self-awareness, self-assessment, feedback, and reflection.  Key areas of emphasis are Coast Guard Vision, Core Values, Professionalism, Lifelong learning, and the uniqueness of Chief Warrant Officers in our service.  This course also emphasizes education assessment, diversity, critical thinking, and mentoring. Attendance and successful completion of the CWOPD course is mandatory for all W-2s within the first 18 months of commission.

Convening Dates
FY22 Course Convene Graduate
CWOPD 1-22 18 Oct 2021 29 Oct 2021
CWOPD 2-22 08 Nov 2021 19 Nov 2021
CWOPD 3-22 06 Dec 2021 17 Dec 2021
CWOPD 4-22 17 Jan 2022 29  Jan 2022
CWOPD 5-22* 28 Feb 2022 11 Mar 2022
CWOPD 6-22* 28 Mar 2022 08 Apr 2022
CWOPD 7-22* 25 Apr 2022 06 May 2022
CWOPD 8-22* 06 Jun 2022 17 Jun 2022
CWOPD 9-22* 18 Jul 2022 29 Jul 2022
CWOPD 10-22* 15 Aug 2022 26 Aug 2022









*Blended class. First week will be virtual. Second week residency in New London, CT.

Application Procedures

Coordinate with your Training Officer or ESO to submit an Electronic Training Request (ETR) using Direct Access. Course code: 501614. For FY22 all sessions are two weeks due to piloting a new CWOPD course. All CWOs regardless of attendance at CPO Academy are eligible to attend any session. Priority will be given to CWOs who promoted in 2020 then 2021 as seats become available.

Program Manager

CWO Nicole McKenzie, COMDT (CG-128), phone 202-475-5518, email: