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Management Development II (501362)

About the Course

The Management Development II Seminar, conducted by the Office of Personnel Management's Management Development Center, provides experienced managers the opportunity to work on dynamic thinking, creativity, and innovative, results-getting implementation by exposing managers to new approaches and processes. The program strengthens the employee's competencies in the areas of creativity/innovation, flexibility, cultural awareness, team building, entrepreneurship, technology management, and influencing/negotiating.

The training requires participants to be away from their position for 2 weeks.

Participant Objectives

  1. Gain skills in new ways of thinking and managing that lead to greater organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
  2. Obtain skills to diagnose and assess their organization's strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Acquire ability to initiate and manage innovation in a team-based environment that fosters originality, flexibility, and reasonable risk taking.
  4. Gain knowledge on how to apply appropriate technology to enhance organizational performance.

Class Convening Dates

Application deadline:

Program Duration:

Resident Session Dates:



Application Procedures

To apply:

  1. Coordinate with your Training Officer or ESO to submit an Electronic Training Request (ETR) using Direct Access. Course code: 501362.
  2. Write a statement that describes:
    1. Your current leadership responsibilities
    2. A recent work experience that involved extensive collaboration.
  3. Complete a resume (the resume should address job accomplishments)   
    1. Email the statement as an attachment to
    2. Include the course title and convening date within the subject line of the email.
    3. Include your supervisor in the cc: line of the email.
  4. NOTE: DO NOT submit application directly to OPM's Management Development Center.

    Costs are paid by Coast Guard Headquarters (AFC 56 "C" school account).

    Selection Procedures

    Selected individuals will be notified via email from the Program Manager.

    Program Manager

    Kin Szeto, COMDT (CG-128), phone 202-475-5515, email

    Additional Information


    For additional information (including conveying dates, prerequisites, location, etc.) please visit the TQC website.


    For course information conflicts between CG-128 website and TQC website, CG-128 takes precedence.