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Douglas A. Munro Inspirational Leadership Award

The Navy League annually presents the Munro award recognizing an outstanding Coast Guard enlisted member. The awards are separate and distinct from the military decorations and awards program. The Douglas A. Munro Award for inspirational leadership is awarded to the Coast Guard enlisted member who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and professional competence to the extent of their rank and rate.

Learn more about Douglas Munro.

  • 2020 Munro Inspirational Leadership Award Winner: ME3 Erin Kinne

Eligibility Requirements

The guidelines are intentionally flexible and extend to all regular and reserve enlisted members serving on active duty during the calendar year. Reserve members serving on active duty over 30 days may be considered alongside regular active duty candidates; it is the command's discretion to determine whether it is reasonable for the reserve member to compete in either category. The Munro award is for regular active duty members only.

E-6 and below Munro Award recipients will receive an automatic merit promotion. Due to the meritorious advancement for the Munro winner, if the winner of the Munro award will be advanced to E-6 or below they will be required to obligate service for an additional period of 12 months from the date of notification. If advancing to E-7, the winner will be required to obligate service for an additional 24 months IAW COMDTINST M1000.2A Enlisted Accessions, Evaluations, and Advancement Manual.

(1) Consistently demonstrate outstanding leadership skills which motivate and inspire personnel to strive for excellence and achieve measurable results that contribute to the success of the Coast Guard.

(2) Possess the ability to create and maintain a positive culture where the differences of all personnel are respected, so that all can achieve their full potential and maximize their contributions to Coast Guard missions.

(3) Act with strategic intent to ensure optimization of resources, influence the success of major operations or programs, and achieve operational excellence.

(4) Guided, coached, or mentored others to reach new levels of performance.

Recommendations: Commandant (CG-128) solicits nominations via ALCOAST message annually.

Specific Nomination Guidelines - Nomination Deadline: January 15, 2021

  • Commands submitting a nomination shall ensure that member is in compliance with the Coast Guard Weight and body Fat Standards Program Manual COMDTINST M1020.8 (Series).
  • All nominations must include the individuals rank, rate, time in service, time in grade, and time at unit or command.
  • Each nomination should be in standard memo format using Times New Roman (12 point) font with one inch margins, not to exceed three pages.
  • Nominations must be accompanied by a proposed citation along with sufficient background information to enable final selection of the recipients. Citations must be one-page, single or doubled spaced, landscape format, typed using Times New Roman (12 point font) with one inch margins and shall not exceed 15 lines.
  • Recommendations are to be forwarded through the chain of command and endorsed by the first Flag Officer or SES from their respective units and forwarded to Commandant (CG-128), Office of Leadership. HQ offices not within DCMS or DCO chain of command should forward nominations directly to Commandant (CG-128).
  • The nomination should identify specific examples and supporting information on how the nominee exemplifies each of the criteria established in section (a) by using action impact statements explaining how the member inspired others and influenced favorable outcomes. Note: Feedback from previous selection panels continues to stress that nominations should directly address leadership methodologies and climate rather than simply reporting accomplishments.
  • Scanned copies of signed nominations and endorsements shall be sent by email to Please save PDF under the naming convention: memberranklastname_nameofaward_activedutyorreserve_year (for example: LCDRjones_munro_activeduty_2018)
  • A selection panel will review the nominations and make recommendations to the Assistant Commandant for Human Resources (CG-1) for approval.



Presentation: Certificates and inscribed watches are presented at the annual National Navy League Convention. Commandant (CG-128) pays for the winners’ and their spouse’s transportation and the Navy League pays for accommodations and meals at the convention location.