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Coast Guard Leadership Library

Welcome to the new Coast Guard Leadership Library! This online library makes it even easier for anyone in the Coast Guard to find professional and leadership development resources that meet their needs and learning style. The library is a compilation of previous Professional and Leadership Development Reading Lists, as well as the Commandant's Reading List. It includes an eclectic variety of over 200 selections submitted by those across the Service.

Highlights of the library:

✔️Many of the selections include a description and/or explanation outlining the recommendation.

✔️Some of the selections also include an explanation of how the selection relates directly to the Coast Guard, its missions and the unique challenges faced by the Service and its personnel.

✔️The Books section features a keyword search box so users can easily search for a particular topic or subject of interest.


Let us know how you like the Leadership Library and share how you're using it. Is it helpful in supporting your leadership and professional development? Are there additional features you'd like to see? We'd love to here from you. Email us here.