MWR Professional Resources

Below are links to some of the most commonly requested MWR resources to offer a broad scope of useful tools for the convenience of MWR staff.

Aquatic Checklist Aid MWR Director Course Student Manual NAF Personnel Manual
ASIP Guide MWR Indoc Navy Preventative Med, NAVMED P-5010-4
Boys and Girls Clubs of America Outreach MWR Internship Program COMDTINST Qualified Recycling Program Policy
Child Development Services Manual MWR Internship Administration Template Advertising Agreement
Commercial Sponsorship Desk Ref MWR Manual Template Cash Account Request
Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service MWR Loss Prevention & Security (CGPortal) Template Cat C MWR Disestablishment
Financial Resource Management Manual MWR NAF Budget Guide Template Concession Contract
Financial Resource Management Manual - Procedures MWR NAF Personnel One Stop Shop Template Deposit Waiver Request
Media Marketing Center MWR Program Baseline Standards (PBS) Template Entertainment Contract
Morale Fund Financial Statement Program MWR PBS COMDTINST Template License Plate Request
Recent MWR ALCGPSC Messages MWR Strategic Plan Template Privacy Act Statement
Recent MWR ALCOAST Messages NAF Back-To-Work Program Template Watercraft Approval Request
MWR Awards NAF Employee of the Year Award Program Template APF to NAF Reimbursement
MWR Business Case Analysis Guide NAF Instrumentalities Manual Template Non Personal Services Contract