Workforce Planning Governance and Way Ahead

Flag Voice #490

In Mid-June the Workforce Planning Team (WPT) met to identify and manage intervention strategies for recruiting, retention, and specialty management.  In the past, workforce intervention strategies such as bonuses and special pay were addressed on a “first-come, first-served” basis.  This years’ WPT took a more strategic approach, and was divided into three groups; Enlisted Workforce Planning Team (EWPT), Officer Workforce Planning Team (OWPT), and Special Duty Assignment Pay.

The new WPT process considered and justified workforce intervention strategies by using cross-programmatic inputs to maximize the effectiveness of available resources.  The WPT took a holistic look at Officer and Enlisted workforce concerns using sub-groups, studies, analytics, and business cases in order to determine the highest priority needs and the best application of resources. This resulted in what I believe to be an extremely comprehensive review of the intervention strategies necessary to maintain a ready work force.

The EWPT focused on critical ratings and the need to modify bonuses, and then made recommendations to best manage the talent in that workforce. The OWPT prioritized ongoing retention and incentive programs and continues to analyze officer programs that show indications of future challenges.  Both the EWPT and OWPT will continue to analyze the bonus and incentive program to determine the return on investment and if intervention strategies are working. 

The Special Duty Assignment Pay group reviewed a total of 83 new and existing program requests.  The group also divided the requests in to “Special Duty Pay” and “Assignment Pay” based on level of responsibility, compensation for the qualification, desirability of billet, and special skills required.  In the next Special Duty Assignment Pay iteration, positions designated for Assignment Pay will be included in the Pay Manual and those positions will not have to compete annually to receive Assignment Pay.

The WPT is a permanent and vital part of the Coast Guard Human Resources enterprise and we will continue to mature the process.  For instance, the next initiatives are formulation of the Reserve and Civilian workforce planning teams which will further capitalize on the planning team strategy. Any program manager who feels that their workforce or specialty is experiencing personnel challenges is encouraged to forward their concerns to the WPT and participate in the process.  Please look for SITREPs to this Flag Voice and associated ALCOAST, which will address these and additional workforce intervention strategies. Please refer any questions or concerns to Policy and Standards.

RADM William G. Kelly
Assistant Commandant for Human Resources

Issue date:  08/31/2018