Improving Time to Hire and Onboarding

Flag Voice #495

ALCOAST 144-16 (CG Portal Link - CAC Logon Required) and ANCHR 16-16-2016  (CG Portal Link - CAC Logon Required) announced three process changes projected to decrease the time needed to fill vacant civilian positions: (1) submission of applicant documentation at the time of application; (2) requiring the use of merit promotion procedures as a first step to filling most civilian positions; and (3) reducing the life cycle of certificates of eligibles.  ALCOAST 335-18  (CG Portal Link - CAC Logon Required) provides updates on one of these process changes (#3) and new information regarding a pilot for Common Access Cards (CACs) to be issued within a shorter timeframe upon a new hire’s entrance on duty.

Per ANCHR 16-16-2016,  (CG Portal Link - CAC Logon Required) one process implemented to improve time to hire was reducing the lifecycle of certificates.  Due to the success of this reduction, the Coast Guard is now poised to align with the department goal for time to hire.  Effective 1 October 2018,  new certificates of eligibles will have a lifecycle of 45 calendar days maximum.  After 1 October 2018, certificates will be first issued for 30 calendar days and, if an extension is necessary, 15 additional calendar days will be granted.  Certificates issued before the 1 October date may be extended for 30 days for a total of 60 days.  

 In addition, an effort to improve the on-boarding experience included a pilot to reduce the timeline for CAC issuance for newly hired civilian employees. Prior to the pilot it could take up to three weeks for a new hire to receive a CAC once on-boarded with the Coast Guard. In early March 2018, DCMS-5, CG-123, and CG-125 began the “CAC 1 Day Pilot.”  The goal of the pilot was to decrease the number of days it takes for a new hire to obtain a CAC from up to three weeks to one day. The pilot phase is now complete and we will begin implementing the process across the CG.  Your servicing Human Resources Specialist will provide more information and work closely with CG RAPID ID card offices in order to coordinate this effort.  Please see ANCHR 18-11-S  (CG Portal Link - CAC Logon Required) for more information on other improvements to civilian on-boarding. 

Please contact your servicing HR Specialist if you have any questions.


RADM William G. Kelly
Assistant Commandant for Human Resources

Issue date:  09/281/2018