Periodic Health Assessment

Flag Voice #497  

In March 2018, the Coast Guard implemented the new Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) – the same one used by the other military services – and also instituted a new policy allowing members to have a PHA, at minimum, every 12 months.  This new policy took the place of the birth month period policy, in which members were to get a PHA during the month they were born in, or the preceding two months.   

Since March, only 43% of Coast Guard personnel have gotten a new PHA when given the opportunity to schedule their own date.  With the emphasis on readiness and after a review of the data and discussions with leadership, on 1 Jan 2019, we will re-institute the birth month PHA policy.  During the first year, this may result in a few members having two PHAs in a 12 month period, but given our goal to maximize readiness this is an appropriate way ahead.  

Units that have at least 30 Reservists and units that use TRICARE Prime Remote can request an exception to the birth month period policy.  This will allow them to use an annual Reserve Health Readiness Program (RHRP) Group Event to batch PHAs at the unit level for Reserve and TRICARE Prime Remote personnel.  Group Events are a great option because the RHRP contractor comes to the unit and gets all Medical Readiness Services done at once, including PHAs.  Units who want to use this option have until COB 31 Jan 19 to notify the PHA coordinator at the Health, Safety, and Work-Life Service Center, HSC Athan Anderson (  After 31 Jan 19, all units who have not asked to use a Group Event will be held to the birth month period policy for the remainder of calendar year 2019.   

ALCOAST 418/18 announces the policy changes.  If you have any questions, please contact CDR Shane Steiner at 

 RADM William G. Kelly
Assistant Commandant for Human Resources

Issue date:   12/28/2018