100 Percent Urinalysis Testing for Military Personnel

Flag Voice #498  

Frequent, random urinalysis is the most effective means to deter and detect illegal drug use and abuse.  Effective 01 Jan 2019, the Coast Guard will shift to a 100% annual testing standard for all military personnel (Active Duty and Reserve). DOD has recently revised their drug abuse testing program to mandate all service members are urinalysis tested at least annually; the Coast Guard will follow suit.

The Coast Guard Urinalysis Program’s current testing goal ensures at least 65% of all Active Duty and Reserve personnel are tested annually.  This change in policy seeks to develop an optimal, mission ready workforce.

Commanding Officers and Officers in Charge will be directed via ALCOAST to ensure random urinalysis testing is conducted at 120% of each unit’s Personnel Allowance List (PAL).  This level of testing will result in 100% compliance annually. The minimum testing requirement will be at a rate of 30% of the PAL quarterly.  Units are recommended to test 10% of their PAL monthly. To accommodate OPTEMPO and allow for flexibility, specific testing frequency will be left to unit commander’s discretion as long as the 30% quota is met each quarter.  The revised policy aligns the Coast Guard with current DoD practices and policy.

Procedural guidance for urinalysis can be found in the Urinalysis TTP in the References Tab on CG Portal.  Additional guidance may be found on CG PSC PSD-fs’ Portal site as well as its external site.  The Drug Testing program coordinator can also be emailed at the following address: ARL-PF-CGPSC-PSDFS-DRUGTEST@uscg.mil.


 RADM William G. Kelly
Assistant Commandant for Human Resources

Issue date:   01/02/2019