Coast Guard Career Intentions Survey
Flag Voice #472

ALCOAST 271/16 and Flag Voice # 463 announced the establishment of the Coast Guard Career Intentions Survey (CIS). Since its launch, we have received over 1,000 responses from members staying and leaving. While this allows us to see initial differences between stayers and leavers, it is still too early to quantify differences among ratings, specialties, workforce, etc. This flag voice will highlight some of the strongest indicators and the attached one-page summary provides the specific items which are driving these discussion points.

Leavers Expressing that:

  • Difference among individuals were NOT valued and respected (2.8 times more likely)
  • Frequently complaints and problems were NOT fairly resolved (2.54 times more likely)
  • The morale within my workgroup was NOT good (2.39 times more likely)
  • I am NOT treated with dignity and respect (3.95 times more likely)
  • People in my workgroup DO NOT feel they were involved in the way work gets done (4.28 times more likely)

What makes these the strongest finding is that stayers express the exact opposite sentiments. For example, while leavers are 4.28 times more likely to express they are not involved in the way work gets done, stayers are 1.27 times more likely to express that they are involved. In all cases, the affect expressed was the larger of the two observations; indicating that the negative response is the driver which should be addressed. Additionally these findings support the current literature, previous Career Intentions Survey findings, and the Organizational Assessment data which all indicate that people leave organizations because of leadership and supervisory issues. We must continue to develop leaders and focus our effort as senior leaders on developing positive command climates and fostering a culture of respect throughout the Coast Guard.

The CIS is an ongoing survey. We expect response counts to continue to grow making more detailed analyses possible in the coming year. I ask for your continued support, by encouraging those under your command to participate should they be offered the opportunity and addressing these items as appropriate. The survey is approximately 25 questions and takes no more that 10 minutes to complete

Civilian employees are reminded to take the civilian exit survey offered at

RDML William G. Kelly

Assistant Commandant for Human Resources

Issue date: 4/3/17