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The Coast Guard's New Electronic Health Record


On August 29, 2020, four Coast Guard pilot sites began the transition from paper charts to the new electronic health records system, MHS GENESIS. The new electronic health record (EHR) system will improve the delivery of healthcare services to all military members and their dependents. By the end of the 2021 calendar year, all ashore clinics are scheduled to transition to MHS GENESIS.  

After full deployment of the MHS GENESIS system, members’ health records will be digitally stored in one place. Members will have access to their medical records, lab results and have the ability to book appointments using any device with internet connectivity and a web browser. Whether you’re visiting a Coast Guard clinic, a DOD clinic, or a Department of Veterans Affairs clinic, providers will be able to access your medical information in one centralized location once the system is fully deployed to all military healthy facilities.

Key Benefits:

  • Continuity of care across all Coast Guard, as well as DOD and VA health facilities, from accession to retirement
  • Automated, real-time clinical decision support for doctors and care providers
  • Increased patient engagement capabilities that allow patients to directly communicate with their providers
  • Increased efficiencies and improved patient safety
  • Full compliance with the DOD cybersecurity requirements, HIPAA and other federal regulations/mandates

As the transition progresses, we will continually update this site with new information and resources.

On August 29, 2020, patients who received care at the pilot site locations were able to access their care using the MHS GENESIS patient portal.  Patients who are interested in using the patient portal will need to be registered into MHS GENESIS and have an electronic health record created with medical record number in order to access the Patient Portal. Once registered, you can log into the Patient Portal using your CAC/PIV, a DS Logon, or a DFAS MyPay Logon.

All users that utilize a DS Logon (DOD Self-service Logon or DSL), will be required to obtain the free Premium Access (Level 2) account to view a health record. The DS Logon Premium account allows you to view personal data about yourself in the DOD and VA systems, apply for benefits online, check the status of your claims, and update your address information. Click DS Logon to register.

With a targeted date of August 2021  the “Go Live” will commence and members on the Pacific coast will have the opportunity to register on the patient portal. Members located on the east coast will be able to enroll starting December 2021. No matter where you are stationed, expect a gradual transition as we migrate from paper records over to the new electronic system. Your provider or clinical staff will be able to help you enroll on the Patient Portal. Learn more about the benefits of MHS Genesis (flyer).

If you would like to know more about registering on the patient portal, ask your clinic or provider how to enroll to take advantage of the new feature today!

Thank you for helping us modernize the Coast Guard’s healthcare system!

Transitioning over to MHS GENESIS will definitely be a big change for your practice, but we hope it is for the better.

Some features we think that you will enjoy:

  • Health Information Exchange: Search records reflecting care provided outside the MHS.
  • Easy access of medical records for providers and patients.
  • Secure messaging with patients and other providers.
  • Improved real-time management of chronic, complex, and time-sensitive conditions.
  • Better standardization of care, with patients experiencing consistent and high-quality health care regardless of location.
  • Platform for enhanced health data collection and data analysis capability through MHS GENESIS reporting solutions.
  • Inventory Management: Bar code scanning capabilities to effectively manage the pharmacy inventory and track dispensed quantities for immediate inventory status.
  • Patient Safety: Ability to conduct medication reconciliation with automated “drug-drug” and “drug-disease” interaction checks and decrease medication errors due to illegible prescriptions and transcription errors in the pharmacy process.
  • Data Sharing: As part of the integrated Tricare network, providers will have the ability to transmit all prescription data and adjudicate prescriptions. This will enable providers and pharmacists to evaluate outside prescriptions at the time of ordering and dispensing.
  • Henry Schein’s Dentrix dental reporting software will assist dental officers in terms of continuity of care, functionality, accessibility and infection control.   
  • Providers will be able to read dental treatment notes and radiographs on the same computer, which will assist with treatment planning and patient education.

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The Coast Guard will roll out the new digital system in several waves.

Deployment will occur as follows:

Pilot Sites: Starting Aug. 29, 2020, we’ll roll out MHS GENESIS at Training Center Petaluma Clinic, Base Alameda Clinic, Air Station Sacramento Clinic and Maritime Safety and Security Team (MSST) 91105 in San Francisco. After 2 weeks of “Go Live” they successfully transitioned to “Sustainment”.  Through dedication, determination, and hard work, team members were able to deliver safe, quality care to their members using the new MHS GENSIS. 

Segment A: After pilot site testing concludes, MHS GENESIS will deploy to all ashore clinics and sickbays, starting with the Pacific Area and then the Atlantic Area. All ashore clinics and sickbays are targeting a transition to MHS GENESIS by December 2021.

Segment B: Modernization of the Coast Guard’s entire medical and dental radiology system will begin with the transition over to Defense Health Agency (DHA) service. The DHA service will integrate with MHS GENESIS as well as DOD and VA imaging archival systems, expanding visibility of radiology imaging. When you get your x-ray the image done by a military facility with this capability will be viewable by any Coast Guard, DOD or VA provider.

The scanning and uploading of all paper records will begin during this time as well. Both of these efforts will take place mostly behind the scenes and will likely only impact health service providers.

Segment C:  Deployment of an electronic health record to all afloat sickbays.

Program Managers

For further questions, please contact HSC Megan Long or MED2 Brian Richardson.